​Thank you for choosing Blue Pond RV Park, where all RV’s are welcome to say as your ‘home’ for the night or longer. Listed below are the general park rules. Each is created for a good reason and all are enforced so that every guest/resident enjoys their time spent here. All tenants are subject to the park rules.

1.)RATES: Base rent includes two (2) persons per unit. Tenants must be over 21yrs of age. Additional charges may apply for guests and/or more than two people. The Owners rent to the original tenant only. No subletting is allowed. Children as guests are allowed. All rent must be paid in advance and subsequently on the day due. Delinquent days will be charged at the current daily rent rate plus a $25.00 late fee. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. Monthly rates are for one (1) full calendar month. All additional days will be charged at the current daily rate. Exceptions can be made with approval from manager and we will work with all tenants.

2.)PARKING SPACE: Parking is limited. Check with manager for additional parking if needed.

3.)PETS: Pets are allowed; however, all animals must be current on required shots and vaccinations. Dogs must be on a leash outside the RV or when walked in the park. Barking dogs will not be tolerated. Dogs must be inside RV if residents leave the park.

4.)SPEED LIMIT is five (5) MPH.

5.)TRASH: Residents/Guests are responsible for disposal of their trash into dumpster located in the park on the hill. Do not bring any trash from outside the park for disposal.

6.)FIRES: Camp stoves and BBQ grills are permitted at your campsite. Campfires allowed in designated area only. Building your own campfire in the park is strictly prohibited.

7.)NO FIREARMS/FIREWORKS may be discharged in the Park.

8.)NOISE DISTURBANCE: Please be respectful to your neighbors by observing quiet time during the hours of 10pm to 8am.

9.)The owner and management are not responsible for any lost or stolen personal articles, personal injury or any damages from any cause.

The following MAY be permitted with management approval beforehand: 
~ Parking - storage space for extra vehicles, tow-dollies, boats, etc.
~ Removal of campers from pick-ups, etc.
~ Parking of business/commercial/work vehicles or equipment.
~ Minor vehicle maintenance or repairs.
~ Use of generators.
~ Tents or Pop-Ups.
~ Storage of excess property under awning or at site.
~ More than1 pets per site.


ELECTRIC: Electric meters will be read at the end of the month and payment due. 

SITES: Please keep sites clean, neat and presentable at all times. Porches are allowed with owner’s permission. Do not store any flammable containers under or around your site.

VEHICLES: ALL vehicles, RV’s Trucks, automobiles, vans and motorcycles must be kept in an operable condition. All vehicles must have a current license plate. Boats and ATV’s require the owner’s permission before storage in the park. Additional charge may be assessed for any extra vehicles. No vehicles allowed on blocks. Do not block traffic areas. 

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